Romanian – Polish Theatre Festival

Romanian – Polish Theatre Festival

In October 2017, 5 Romanian young people and 12 Polish young people, coordinated by their teachers Antonina Pauch, Ola and Cristina Hangea, had the crazy idea to organise a theatre festival in Zielona Gora, Poland. Thus, during 5 days, they developed their creativity, as well as their dancing, team working and English skills, and they eventually produced an unforgettable performance on the stage of ZOK Cultural Centre in Zielona Gora.

The “Romanian-Polish theatre festival” project was co-funded from the local budget of the municipality of Bistrita for the year 2017. Moreover, we also had the financial support of the European Foundation for Education and Culture from Zielona Gora, our project partner.

Our project is unique because our communities have never organized a similar event before, it is in fact, a premiere, and also because it succeeded to consolidate a partnership we started in 2014, to bring closer the twin communities from Bistrita and Zielona Gora, to develop knowledge about the Romanian and Polish cultures, languages and life styles and also to give life to new friendships. In addition to that, it stirred the young participants’ interest in the art of theatre.

Romanian – Polish Theatre Festival

Day 1

Arrival of the Romanian participants in Zielona Gora, Poland, after a long journey by train. They were received by the Polish participants and their leader, Mrs Antonina Pauch. They had Polish traditional lunch together, then they visited the town and had the chance to know each other better.

Day 2

The Romanian participants visited the school EUROPEJSKIE GIMNAZJUM I LICEUM DR RAHN W ZIELONEJ GÓRZE and they started the theatrical worskhops. They decided to create together with the Polish partners a play based on the concept of freedom, specific to both communities. The Romanian participants also prepared presentations of Romania and Bistrita, in order to make the Polish students more familiar with our culture and geography. In the evening, we had the unique opportunity to learn different breathing and dancing techniques during a dance workshop led by Marek Zadłużny – a coach in a dance theatre (Pracownia Teatru Tańca).

Day 3

Both Romanian and Polish participants continued the rehearsals for the play during the theatrical workshops organised at school. Moreover, we carried out art workshops with other students from the school aged 11-17. The aim of these workshops was to create different items needed for the background of the play and also to socialize with all the students of the school. We took advantage of these special classes and we informed everybody about our play. In the evening, we went on a trip to the Etnographic Museum in Zielona Gora where the participants took part in a culinary workshop and they baked bread in a traditional way in an old hut.

Day 4

Day of the show!!! In the first part of the day we had the final rehearsals for the show. Then, in the evening, the Romanian and Polish participants organised a unique event on the stage of ZOK Cultural Centre from Zielona Gora: „the Romanian-Polish theatre festival”. Thus, the Romanian participants performed in a play presenting the past and the present situation of men and women in Romania, the Polish actors of from ZOK prepared a Polish play and the project participants, both Romanian and Polish showed their performance combining dancing and acting and promoting freedom. At the end, there were rounds of applause and all the participants received flowers or presents. It was a day to remember!!!

Day 5

It was the day of final conclusions, future plans and tears of sadness. We said goodbye to our Polish friends and we started our journey back home…