Romanian participants


I am 28 years old, I am the president of Asociatia Tineri pentru Comunitate Bistrita and I like to travel and discover new places. As regards the project “Romanian -Polish friendship”, I was both the coordinator and the team leader of the group. Discovering Zielona Gora was really amazing – we found out that the there are many similarities between the twin cities, Bistrita and Zielona Gora as regards architecture, lifestyle and even the people .Moreover, the Polish participants and the other students of the school were really nice and very cooperative and helpful and this made our stay there even nicer. I hope that we manged to put the basis of a real friendship and that our partnership will continue with other interesting projects.


My name is  Chris, I’m 18 years old and I am a student at “Liviu Rebreanu” National College Bistrita. I was born in Bistrita and have been living here ever since. I study to become a programmer. As regards my hobbies, you could say I have the weirdest combination of hobbies. For example, I play the guitar, the piano, and I have had the chance to play with some of the most known Romanian singers. I am also involved in politics, currently being the vice-president of the Youth County Council militating for active citizenship. Who said a politician can’t be an actor? I have had the chance to act in some movies and clips. Besides that, I’m a web-designer. I create web-sites, actually you’re surfing on one created by me. Not to often you find that combination. Do you? Romanian-Polish friendship was a valuable experience for me. I’ve had the chance to discover Poland it’s culture, lifestyle, places and i found it to resemble a lot to the Romanian one. The polish participants were very very friendly, so creating some valuable friendships. I can see now why Bistrita and Zielona Gora are twin cities 🙂 


Hello. my name is Minodora but everyone calls me Mino. I am 18 years old and I like drawing, reading, discovering new places and cultures and interacting with different people. I am a volunteer and also a project coordinator at Asociația Tineri pentru Comunitate Bistrița. Taking part in this project was a really great experience for me and I think that for the others, too. We learned a lot of new and interesting things about the two cities. When it comes to Zielona Gora, I was surprised to see 


that it pretty much looks like Bistrita from more points of view: the architecture, the friendly people, the atmosphere…. I felt like home. Also, we learned a lot things about the culture, about the way of living there.All in all, I consider that this project was a great idea, an excellent opportunity to discover new things and cultures, traditions , to interact with others and to realize that Bistrita and Zielona Gora are so similar to each other.


My name is Roxana Habalau and I’m 18 years old. I live in Bistrita with my little brother.I’m from Sieu,my parents live there and I moved out a few years ago when I came to college.I am studying  history at the National College “Andrei Muresanu” Bistrita. I love volunteering and besides the activities of the association one of the things that I really love to do is to read. The Romanian-Polish youth exchange helped me to understand the Polish culture. I really like this country and in this project I discovered their gastronomic culture and I found the twin city of Bistrita, Zielona Gora where I made new friends.


Hi! I’m Daniela, I’m 17, I’m from Bistrita, Romania and I have been a volunteer for about 3 years at Asociatia Impact Bistrita. I would say about myself that I am a friendly and reliable person, I find travelling fascinating and I love meeting new people and having fun. Visiting Zielona Gora made me realise how many similarities there are between it and Bistrita.


Hi! My name is Dora Negruti. I am 17 years old and I am studying at the National College George Cosbuc. In the future I would like to be a teacher, this is why I attend a pedagogical profile. The best part of the project” Romanian-Polish friendship” was that I met some wonderful people. It was very exciting to work together as a team for a weed and at the same time it was awesome to realize how quickly you can make new friends

Polish participants

Natalia Walczak

My name is Natalia and I come from Poland, Zielona Góra. I love drawing, taking photos, reading books and doing a lot of sports. My favourite sport is golf. I practise and play it in Przytok and in Kalinowe Pola. Both places are near Zielona Góra. I do it whenever I can because I want to get better and better at it. What is more I really like travelling. One of my the biggest dreams is to travel around the world. My favourite subject at school is maths, so in the future I want to do something related with it. I am thinking about becoming  an interior or graphic designer or work in business.  I took part in Romanian- Polish project because I wanted to meet new people and culture , visit new places and improve my English.

Ania Łodyga

My name is Ania Łodyga. I’m fifteen years old. I was born in Zielona Góra and I have lived here since 2001. I have an older sister, Sara and an older brother, Lukas. They don’t live with us, because they study in different cities. I am a 3rd year student in European Middle School dr Rahn in Zielona Góra. My favourite subjects are maths, physics, biology and chemistry. I’m interested in military, it is my hobby. Every year I go to a military camp, where we train like in the army. On this camp, we learn a lot of new techniques, for example, green and black tactics and we also get to know new types of weapons and learn to encode massages. In my free time I play the piano and the guitar. I have been taking lessons for 2 years. I love playing streetball with my mates. I would like to be a graphic designer and live abroad. I hope my school will give me the opportunity to reach my goal.

Jessica Watral

I’m Jessi and I am fifteen. I love milk chocolate. I adore sports and discovering the world.  I have been practising football for two years and recently I have taken up roller skating. It is great fun! My biggest dream is to go on a  journey around the world on foot. I try to be an optimistic and a sociable person. My motto is: Miracles are our life. They are everywhere, wherever you go, whatever path you take.. I have taken part in this project because I wanted to learn something about Romanian culture, find courage to start speaking English and have a wonderful adventure.

Olek Buchowiecki

Hello! My name is Olek and I am 15 years old. My family comes from Zielona Góra and it’s where I live. I am studying at the European secondary School Dr. Rahn in Zielona Góra, the school ogranised Polish – Romanian exchange. My hobbies are aviation, theatre and I love travelling! I like taking part in all sorts associations, helping and participating in exchanges with other countries. Through Polish – Romanian  youth exchange, I understood the Romanian culture, I tasted delicious Romanian dishes, I toured Transylvania and Bistrita. I took part in interesting activities and I made new wonderful friends.

Tola Pauch

I am an English teacher and a tutor in Europejskie Gimnazjum i Liceum dr Rahn in Zielona Góra, Poland. I’ve always loved working with young people and have been particularly interested in cross curricular teaching and learning. In my leisure time, although I don’t have much of it, I love cycling, reading books and enjoying modern art. Cooperating with Cristina and Asociatia Tineru Pentru Comunitate Bistrita has been a wonderful opportunity to learn about the similarities between Poles and Romanians. We have so much in common! I am grateful that me and my students had a chance to visit beautiful Romania and experience Romanian hospitality.  Thank you!

Jan Wichmann

Hi. My name is Jan. I live in Berlin and I´m 17 years old. I like doing sports, discovering new places and going out with friends. Currently I go to the Max-Beckman-Highschool here in Berlin. I did a year abroad in Poland and as I   love  travelling,  meeting new people and gaining new experiences. For the same reasons I took part in the Polish-Romanian Friendship project. Living in Zielona Góra and visiting Bistrita was a very important experience for me.