Romanian – Polish Friendship

Day 1

The Romanian participants arrived in Zielona Gora, after a long trip by train. In the train station, they were nicely welcomed by the Polish participants, their team leader Antonina Pauch  and by the representatives of the .Europejska Fundacja Oswiaty I Kultury ׃ Arleta Czyż  -headmistress and Karl Fisher – president of the Foundation. The participants had the first lunch together at Hotel Pod Debem, where the Romanian participants were accommodated during the 5 days of their stay in Zielona Gora. Then, at the end of the day, the participants visited the surroundings trying to discover the beauties of the town.

Day 2

The second day of the project started with an official welcome addressed by the representative of Zielona Gora City Hall -Iwona Skowrońska, the deputy head of the department of European Funds  and by the headmistress of the Europejska Fundacja Oswiaty I Kultury – Arleta Czyż.  The official opening of the project was organized in the school yard of our partners, most of the teachers and students being present. The day continued with an international gastronomic seminar where the participants and other students of the school prepared traditional Romanian and Polish dishes. Moreover, the Romanian participants promoted the traditional costumes wearing traditional shirts, scarfs and dresses. The Polish participants prepared flower wreaths in the colours of Romania and Poland flags.

Day 3

The project participants, together with other students of the school, discovered more about the Romanian and Polish cultures and also about the twin cities, Bistrita and Zielona Gora, during a film projection workshop. More precisely, the Romanian participants, prepared some short movies about Bistrita and Transylvania, such as Bistrita-the gate of Transylvania and Romania- Bistrita, while the Polish participants prefered to reveal us a part of their past in the movie Beats of Freedom.  After the movie, there was a session of discussions where the participants could ask and answer questions.

Day 4

The Romanian participants organized 5 workshops of creative recycling using magazine’s paper in order to make bags. Thus, they presented to the students of the school and also to the project participants, the technique of creating paper bags. Minodora Gherendi, Romanian participant, was the coordinator of this activity, her talent and creativity being even appreciated at national level  – as she won the title of Volunteer of the Year in the field Arts and Culture for the year 2014 – an anual event organised by Volum Federation, Romania. The 4th day of the project continued with a photo and video workshop during which the project participants discovered the tourist attractions of Zielona Gora, took photos and created short videos.

Day 5

During the fifth day of the project, the participants and the team leaders, selected the best photos and videos of the exchange, drew the conclusions of the projects and decided together to continue this partnership that can bring a number of benefits to both communities of Bistrita and Zielona Gora. This was also the day when the Romanian participants started their journey back home, but not before a last ice cream…